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Welcome to the Shadows: A Collection of Darkness and Wonder

Dive into the abyss with our latest Patreon-exclusive content, where the veil between reality and nightmare is thinner than ever. Our collection brings to life the darkest fantasies and fears through a series of stories and poems that will haunt your dreams and ignite your imagination.

In the Dim Excesses of the Reaching Night
Embark on a journey through shadowed realms with our collection of dark poetry. Each piece weaves a tapestry of fear, desire, and the macabre, exploring the depths of human emotion and the darker side of nature. From the whispers of the dead to the dances of the shadows, these poems promise to leave you with a lingering sense of unease and wonder.

New York City, Statue of Liberty, Dodecagon,_Statue_of_Liberty,_Dodecagon
Discover the chilling secret of the Statue of Liberty in this gripping tale. Hidden from the eyes of millions, a monstrous guardian dwells within, its origins shrouded in mystery and darkness. This story explores the creature’s ancient duty, the sacrifices it demands, and the price of freedom watched from the shadows.

Crass Grass
In a seemingly tranquil suburb, a new lawn becomes the envy of the neighbourhood, but its lush green blades hide a lethal secret. This tale of nature turned malevolent explores the creeping horror that grows right under our feet!

The Flying Shadow
Night falls, and with it comes a shadow that flies on silent wings, casting darkness into the hearts of the unsuspecting. This story follows the journey of those who encounter the flying evil, battling an entity that feeds on fear and leaves despair in its wake. Can light be found in the depths of such darkness?

Kill IT
What if the monster under the bed was real—and it was your child? Explore the harrowing tale of a family grappling with a child unlike any other, whose monstrous nature threatens to consume them all. This story delves into the bonds of love, the fear of the unknown, and the heartache of a parent facing the unimaginable.

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