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On episode 26 of SOMEWHERE IN THE SKIES, we hear our first listener ghost story. Katie shares with us a terrifying night she experienced in a dark rec center in Florida. It was a perfect paranormal primer as we count down the days until Halloween.

Ryan then sits down to speak with author and paranormal investigator, Karl Pfeiffer. They discuss Karl’s time on the Syfy channel where he won the very first season of Ghost Hunters Academy. We hear about the filming process and how influential his time on the show truly was in helping him become a better investigator. We then talk about his five years of both working at and investigating the famous Stanley Hotel, best known for being the location of The Shining. Karl and Ryan then go deep, discussing the science v.s. the spiritual debate that often fuels the paranormal fire. We then get a sneak peek at what Karl is working on now with the dynamic paranormal duo, Greg and Dana Newkirk! 

Guest Bio: Karl Pfeiffer is a writer, photographer, and paranormal investigator. He won the first season of Syfy’s Ghost Hunters Academy and appeared on Ghost Hunters International. He worked for five years as the Resident Paranormal Investigator at the famous Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colorado, where he conducted more than 250 investigations and created a webseries featuring his Spirit Investigations Team called Spirits of the Stanley. He lectures across America about approaches to the science and philosophy of the paranormal.

Karl is the author of the novel, Hallowtide, and the short story collection Into a Sky Below, Forever. He was a staff writer at publications including the TAPS Paramagazine and the Paranormal Pop Culture Blog. He’s also a portrait and conceptual photographer based out of Northern Colorado. For more info, visit: http://www.karlpfeiffer.com

Closing music, “Bones”, was provided and composed by Ichabod Todd 

Audio Clip provided by www.TheDarkZone.tv and Karl Pfeiffer.

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