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Welcome in to a retrospective episode of Hysteria 51! Oh what a ride it has been so far, and our next official episode is episode 300! We have some special guests and blasts from the past lined up for that, and it should be a blast.

But, that is ahead of us. This week I wanted to take a look back. And not at a previous episode of Hysteria 51, oh no, a look back at the first time John Goforth and I ever recorded together. This was a test recording from early 2016 that we did into a phone just to see if we could keep banter going and if we would even enjoy doing a show. And, notice I said it is recorded into a phone so the quality is sub-par, and it is unedited because hey, why not laugh at how bad we were!

At this point all we knew is we wanted to do a show, but had no idea the format, structure, or anything. We called this just visiting because we were just visiting the idea of a podcast. I hope you enjoy how bad we were, and David and I will be back next week. See you then!

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