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Gene and cohost Tim Swartz explore the myths and reality of dogmen and werewolves with researcher Aaron Deese, who has had an interest in the unsolved for most of his life. He is the author of “The Texas Dogman Triangle” and the former Editor in Chief of Paranormality Magazine; he and his wife Sara host the podcast “Hey Strangeness” and live in Austin, Texas with too many cats. He has created two movies about “The Dogman Triangle” at YouTube and Tubi. Raised in central Florida and immersed in traditional Christian ideology, Aaron also has a background in martial arts and a passion for all things weird. He has appeared on Ground Zero with Clyde Lewis, Bigfoot Society with Jeremiah Byron and as a featured guest at Small Town Monsters’ Monster Fest. He also appears in the film “The Dogman Triangle: Werewolves in The Lone Star State” from Small Town Monsters.