John Shepherd Talked To Aliens From His Grandparents Living Room – This is My Alien Life!!

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From a small cottage in Northern Michigan John started building electronic equipment to make contact with whatever life lies in our universe.

What began in the bedroom continued to grow, and in the next two years, giant electronic communication transmitters were migrating into the living room.   And then it got bigger!

The self-taught electronics genius founded Project STRAT (Special Telemetry Research and Tracking) and converted his grandparents house into something resembling an extreme high voltage radio station of military scale.

For 25 years he broadcast daily low-frequency radio shows into space, featuring jazz, world music and electronic beats.

He spent 30 years trying to contact extraterrestrials by broadcasting music millions of miles into space.  His story was made into a documentary called John Was Trying to Contact Aliens; now available on Netflix.  

Now hear more from this legend of Northern Michigan!!