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In part two, the final part of this series on Jeffrey Dahmer, we return back to July 27, 1981 in Hollywood Florida, where six-year-old Adam Walsh goes missing from a Sears store, and on that same day 34-year-old Willis Morgan was in the Radio Shack at the Hollywood, Florida Mall, when a disheveled man, reeking of alcohol approached him. The man was trying to talk to Morgan, perhaps flirtatiously.”I didn’t respond to his overtures,” says Morgan, but despite that “he just wouldn’t leave.” Morgan recalls this man as being “so desperate, so lonely for someone to talk to.” He was a “goofy guy that was lonely, that was looking for someone to talk to.” The man, says Morgan was “unkempt and dirty” and had a “dead look in his eyes.” “He was lonely, he just wanted anybody,” says Morgan. After the man dejectedly stomped away, Morgan says he was “keeping an eye on him” and recalls seeing the man enter the Sears department store. On that day, several other shoppers encountered or spotted this man as well, who they claim to be the Milwaukee Cannibal, Jeffery Dahmer. Was it possible Dahmer actually murdered 6 year old Adam Walsh?***FOLLOW US on SOCIAL MEDIA***Join the “Elbow Deep Club” on Patreon for just $5/Month to get more exclusive content from Even the Podcast is Afraid, like our exclusive after show “After the Podcast is Afraid” and our video only podcast show “Monthly Sacrifice” & more.Visit our website eventhepodcastisafraid.com to check out our merch, listen to more episodes, see our sponsors, and dive through our detailed archive of all the shows we have released to date & more.Keep up with what we are doing by following us on social media, you can find us on Twitter @PodcastAfraid or on Instagram @PodcastAfraid You can also follow the hosts on Twitter, @jared_ordis, @thenickster15, & @spookysam8 + you can follow Jared & Nick on Instagram, @jared.ordis and @porchetta_sandwichEven the Podcast is Afraid is part of the Crawlspace Media Network, be sure to checkout their website to see all the shows offered on the CSM network.***SPONSORS & MORE MENTIONED in this EPISODE***Even the Podcast is Afraid Merch Store Holiday Discount, use code DEEP10 in our merch store to get 10% OFF your purchase, CLICK HERE , or visit our website at eventhepodcastisafraid.com & click Merch at the top of the website. This Offer Expires on December 26th, 2020SOUTHERN ODDITIES is a new podcast from host Jared Ordis, which premiered on November 16th, 2020 on all your favorite podcast listening apps. This new show brings you short stories from all around the South, of the interesting people, the unexplained places, & the mysterious artifacts that helped shape legends of the Deep South. Subscribe now so you don’t miss an episode. New episodes are released every Tuesday & Thursday each week.STATE BAGS State Bags makes beautiful well-made, inclusively cool products, while using the power of business to give back to shift the narrative around social injustice. For every State bag purchased, State hand-delivers a backpack – packed with essential tools for success – to an American child in need; but their commitment goes beyond simply a material donation. State Bags has your back. And part of that commitment is making a difference in local kids’ lives. To get you ready for your commute or wherever you are traveling next, State is offering our listeners 15% off their next purchase at statebags.com using the code POD – This Offer Expires on November 30th, 2020Checkout the Dr. Lee Mellor’s podcast “Murder Was the Case” & the book mentioned in this series, “Frustrated Witness!” by Willis Morris***MUSIC USED in this EPISODE***Music from https://filmmusic.io“In Your Arms” by Kevin MacLeod (https://incompetech.com)License: CC BY (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/)***THANKS & MENTIONS for this EPISODE***all of the research and writing for this series was done by our very own Stephanie Kemmerer, who also conducted phone interviews for this series with criminologist, profiler, author, and host of the podcast “Murder Was the Case”..Dr.Lee Mellor, and Willis Morris, author of the book “Frustrated Witness!” A big thank you to both of you for taking the time out to speak with Stephanie and helping give input & information into this series on the Milwaukee Cannibal.

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