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On episode 08 of SOMEWHERE IN THE SKIES, Ryan begins with a recent ’60 Minutes’ interview with aerospace millionaire, Robert Bigelow, where he made dramatic claims that not only are UFOs real, but that the occupants of these craft have already visited the planet and continue to do so. Ryan then speaks with Jane Kyle, a UFO researcher out of Texas. They discuss some of the more famous cases to come out of the area, such as the Cash/Landrum incident and the Stephenville Lights. Jane then brings us through some of her personal investigations and research into local cases, including a strange ring of light in Houston and mysterious humming noises throughout Texas. The conversation is rounded out by Jane’s personal thoughts on getting younger people involved in UFO studies, and she also comments on the whole Tom DeLonge controversy in respect to his UFO work. In a state whose unofficial motto is “Go Big or Go Home!”, we certainly lived up to said motto in this episode.

Jane Kyle is a UFO researcher and writer living in Texas, and has documented over 1,000 local and worldwide UFO sightings since beginning the site in 2012. With a journalism degree from the University of Texas at Austin, a ten-year career in writing and marketing, and an addiction to exploring the unknown, she offers up a unique perspective on the subject matter. Jane lives with her husband, son, three dogs, and cat in her home state of Texas. She is definitely not an alien hybrid. Visit Jane at: www.TexasUFOs.com

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