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You may be a lover but you ain’t no weirdo!

We’re back!! Welcome to another HELTER SKELTER episode! Helter Skelters are some of our all time favorites- these are the episodes that are made up of stories that got cut for time, topics that don’t fit into any of our themed episodes, or interesting subjects that we bring up randomly and promise to talk about in the future! 

This week Lauren is going to be covering the Jade Helm 15 conspiracy theory that took place towards the end of Barack Obama’s presidency back in 2015 and we’ll try to determine whether or not it was a military training exercise or if the US government was trying to overthrow Texas.

Ashley is teaching us about transgenerational (or intergenerational) trauma.  Studies have been done and are currently taking place to find out if trauma can be imprinted on our DNA and then passed down to our children (and maybe even our grandchildren!)  Why is it that the children and grandchildren of holocaust survivors and POW veterans are more likely to suffer from anxiety and depression and sometimes are even more likely to die of stress related diseases?


Warning: This episode contains foul language,references to traumatic life experiences, animal testing, and a conspiracy that includes politics.