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Jade Helm 15 and the Secret PsyOp (Part 3)

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Episode 31

Welcome back, Theoryologists. We are wrapping up our discussion of Jade Helm 15 and addressing our suspicions that is was, at the very least, used as a convenient opportunity for psychological operations training. Conversely, and more likely, the social manipulation and psychological triggers introduced with the Jade Helm operation were intrinsic of the training exercise itself, intended all along within the planning of this operation.

In part 1 of this series, I introduced you Jade Helm 15, a joint military training exercise that was helmed by the US Special Operations Command, along with subordinate SOCOMs, and executed simultaneously in multiple US states in the southwest. We experienced the months leading to the July 2015 start of the operation through the concern and public backlash witnessed in the central Texas town of Bastrop. Remember what we discovered? We found out that with the actual start of operations, the high adventure, information leaks and media frenzy all came to an abrupt and anticlimactic halt. It seems that the only story worth telling is the story before Jade Helm ever began. That is, unless Jade Helm 15, at least some part of it, started much earlier than the much publicized date of mid-July.

This time we attempt to pull all the information together. Now that we have re-familiarized ourselves with the event so of Jade Helm 15, and learned a good deal of the history and execution of PSYOP strategy and the Special Operations Command, it’s time to figure out exactly what made Jade Helm so controversial, and why the public suspicion grew exponentially in the days preceding the training exercise.

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