Into the Void: The Procrastinator’s Curse and the Dimensional TV Mystery

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Our first tale, “Channel INFINITY”, which tells the story of an obscure ritual involving an ordinary TV set that turns out to be anything but ordinary, and a number of ritualistic items. As the protagonist follows the cryptic steps, they find themselves pulled into an alternate reality, a realm where logic and physics no longer apply as they do in our world. This story will make you look over your shoulder and question what lurks beyond the static screen.
Channel Infinity by Jett Cyber
Then, we transition to a more introspective horror with “Nothing Helps”. This narrative explores the life of a man known for his chronic procrastination. Tasked with a seemingly simple yet crucial assignment, his failure to act costs him dearly, leading to the loss of a unique part of his identity. It’s a tale that serves as a grim reminder of the consequences of delaying the inevitable, wrapped in a mysterious ritualistic veneer.
Nothing Helps Squidmanescape

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