Interview With My Mediumship Mentor Dominic Boag

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I am so excited to share this episode of my interview with my mediumship mentor Dominic Boag! I have been working with him for the past year as my mediumship changed after losing my cat Bender and experiencing grief for the first time. I love to watch Dominic demonstrate and enjoy his cadence as I am sure you will as well.

Dominic first began developing his mediumship in the Spiritualist Church after the loss of his father when he was fourteen years old and was working as a medium at sixteen. He describes his journey as being fairly natural and has allowed it to unfold with the guidance of Spirit.

In this episode we talked about:

– How he first realized that he was able to connect as a medium
– His experience balancing mediumship development as a student in school
– The confidence that comes from learning at a young age
– How his mother came to learn about his abilities and support him
– The shift in Dominic’s mediumship after his vision loss
– Learning to trust Spirit and to release the fear of being wrong
– How my mediumship improved after giving myself time to grieve
– Knowing that Spirit is beside us when we need to experience the human parts of life
– Allowing your own unique mediumship journey to unfold through Spirit instead of comparison
– Dominic gives his tips for developing mediums including to have fun!

It was incredible to have this conversation with Dominic and to share his voice and philosophies with you. I hope you will feel more confident in your own abilities and connection to Spirit having listened to this episode!


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