Interview with Kris from The Winnipeg Ghostbusters

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Episode 148 – Interview with Kris from The Winnipeg Ghostbusters!

On this week’s episode, Jas and Sher, Your Audio Curators have the honounr to interview Kris with the local Winnipeg Ghostbusters to dicuss their organizaiton, the ghost love for all things Ghostbusters, and their upcoming fundraiser for The Children’s Hospital.

In all honesty….probably going to be one of our favorite interview! An amazing group, doing amazing work to raise money for a worthy cause – The Children’s hospital. Can you imagine….A fascination with the classic 80’s movie has given a rise to local ‘Ghostbuster’ chapters across North American to a total of something like 170 groups across North American?? Amazing.

Can’t say enough good things on the work they are doing locally and the lasting memories that they are creating for all the mini-ghostbusters in our city that will last a life time <3.

In today’s episode, we also discuss the amazing evening the group spent with Ernie Hudson from the actual ‘Ghostbuster’s’ who was staying at the haunted Fort Garry Hotel, last year when he was in the city to film with Woody Harrelson……Who is Ernie Hudson going to call? The Winnipeg Ghostbusters, of course!

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