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Ralph Blumenthal had a long career working as a reporter for the New York Times. Together with Leslie Kean, he brought the explosive story about a secret government program that had been quietly studying UFOs – regardless of the government’s public denials of any such program existing. He later helped bring the incredible story of David Grusch to the public spotlight. His reporting has led to multiple congressional hearings being held on the subject of UFOs. We spoke with him about how he came upon these stories and what the future may hold for disclosure.

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Hosted by Ray Tarara

Written & Produced by R.J. Blake and Ray Tarara

Theme Music by Terra Monk

Additional Music by Totemtag – https://totemtag.bandcamp.com/

Special guest:

Ralph Blumenthal – https://ralphblumenthal.com/

You can find Ralph’s book The Believer: Alien Encounters, Hard Science, and the Passion of John Mark at:

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