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This is a Grave Talks CLASSIC EPISODE!

Nightmares. We’ve all had them. You’re trapped, or chased, haunted by demons, and then you wake up, terrified and wondering what it meant. They can be triggered by many things like stress, life changes, illness, and maybe the reason is simply that scary movie you watched before bed. But is your unconscious mind delivering messages to you while you sleep? In this episode, we explore the tools you need to sort through and make sense of your nightmares with J.M. DeBord, author of “Nightmares, Your Guide to Interpreting Your Darkest Dreams.”

About our guest: J.M. DeBord is the author of four books about dreams, including The Dream Interpretation Dictionary, a best-seller. He is the co-host of The Dreams That Shape Us podcast and the creator of RadOwl’s Parliament of Dream Experts, an online school for dream exploration. He is also the lead community moderator at Reddit Dreams, the most popular online dream sharing community in the world, where he is known as RadOwl. Get more information at jmbord.com

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