International Women’s Day and Sharing Your Voice with Sharla ft. Lydia Williams

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This first Spirit School episode with Sharla explores sharing your voice and vulnerability. To celebrate International Women’s Day, she and Lydia are sharing their voice, their song, with you.  It’s a conversation about how sharing things that may feel too close to our hearts, or our authentic selves can open up a world of possibilities.  

Lydia Williams for the Squamish First Nations shares the Warrior Woman’s Song and if you are curious about it’s origins you can view the information and link below.  


The Warrior Woman’s Song

The song was gifted by Lil’wat Nation Elder Martina Pierre (Saw̓t) over 30 years ago. 

Here is a beautiful interview of Martina describing how the song came to her and what it means.


The voices in the recording are Coastal Bliss Yoga teachers and friends, drumming by Leah Morgan, Tla-o-qui-aht First Nation. 


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