Inconvenient Truths in Mediumship Development

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Inconvenient Truths in Mediumship Development

This episode was recorded in December, and it was based on some inconvenient truths that came up when I was preparing content about being a confident lightworker. Developing confidence is not an easy path, and it takes a lot of courage to step into this work. If you are not someone who does readings or serves the public, this episode will give you some insight into how vulnerable it is to show up in this way.

Most of the inconvenient truths come back to taking action and seeing things from a higher perspective. We are here to have a human experience and that often means moving through discomfort. I hope that the truths I share provide some examples of how to build your own confidence as a lightworker, or as a human.

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In this episode:

  • The only way to get over fear is to walk through it
  • I started the podcast to talk about how vulnerable it is to show up in mediumship
  • Showing up publicly to do readings is a real legit fear
  • Learning and hearing that you’re not alone helps 
  • Confidence is on the other side of action
  • People are always scared of doing practice readings the first week in The Initiation
  • Despite the fear, Initiation students are glad they had practice readings week one
  • Once you walk through the first resistance, you’re in the arena
  • I don’t want to have regrets about not doing things because I didn’t feel ready
  • The time is always now
  • Everyone is waiting for a “signier sign” to know when it’s time to do something
  • Having the inspiration is your soul offering the opportunity now
  • If you have an inspiration, you should run with it 
  • Things work out better when I do them before I’m ready than when I plan for perfection
  • I have a team supporting me, so I can act on ideas much quicker now
  • You can always see things from a higher perspective
  • We can get stuck in the vortex of our difficult human experiences
  • Sooner or later you will be asked to look at that situation from a higher perspective
  • It may come externally through others, or through reflection on your healing journey
  • I don’t want to bypass that some things happen to us out of our control
  • “History is written, so now what?”
  • I am able to zoom out and find the higher perspective quicker after 10 years of healing
  • Someone’s true colours discouraged me from having readers under my brand in 2022
  • When no one signed up for the agency, it only took me a couple days to let it go
  • Spirit made me realize that there were other things that needed my attention
  • When I am healing, I ask, “Can I see this from the eyes of the angels/spirit world?”
  • You grow the most through discomfort
  • We don’t change, and have less growth, when things are comfortable
  • I ride the cycles of ebbs and flows with a higher perspective and acceptance
  • I have seen the biggest expansion on the flow side of that ebb that I honored
  • Memes are brilliant ways of expressing things in a synthesized way
  • There is always a cringe after teaching or recording a podcast episode
  • Cringe moments are here to teach us how to accept ourselves as we come
  • Like intention, acceptance is another secret sauce to live a free and expansive life
  • The healing couldn’t start until I came into acceptance with myself and what happened
  • In the end, you truly are your own best friend, even if you have friends and coaches
  • I had to get to a place where I could lead myself through every single situation
  • You’re actually not meant to bypass the human experience
  • There is a lot of dialogue about ascending and replacing icky feelings with good ones
  • I needed to experience the grief of losing Bender to grow as a medium
  • I believe that our guides also evolve when we have human experiences