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Alexandra, a skilled con artist, finds herself on a spaceliner en route to Mars, disguised as a lowly steward named Anita. Struggling to keep a low profile, Alexandra faces unexpected challenges, including the presence of her nemesis, Nickolay, a wealthy investor she once scammed. Things take a gripping turn when Alexandra discovers Nickolay trapped in an airlock. Despite her initial impulse to walk away and let him die, she ultimately chooses to intervene. However, her decision inadvertently leaves both her and Nickolay to face the consequences of their past actions.




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Written by Alan V Hare.

Read by Kathleen Connolly.

Opening and closing were composed and created by Matthew Erdmann.

Produced by Makeshift Studios

Makeshift Stories is released under a creative commons non-commercial attribution, no derivative license. This means you are free to share our stories just remember to credit us.