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When I was getting serious about magick and opening my third eye, a skeletal face appeared to me in a vision. For this week’s episode, I wanted to share other true stories from real people who have also had bizarre experiences looking into an unfamiliar face. First, I tell the tale of a girl who was haunted by an unknown face under her bed. Then, I recount the time a man’s coworker’s face morphed in front of him. Next, I share the story of a kid who encountered a faceless being in a red cloak. And finally, Virgil Apostol shares the time he saw a face appear in a ceremony.

Ch 1 – The face under my bed, submitted by Aki
Ch 2 – The shifting face, submitted by Edward
Ch 3 – The faceless worshipper, submitted by Lia
Ch 4 – The angry green face, with Virgil Apostol

Check out Virgil Apostol’s work:
Kaïlūkuän Combat and Healing Arts school based in Walnut , CA.
http://www.Kailukuan.com (IG and fB),
Book: Way of the Ancient Healer:Sacred Teachings from the Philippine Ancestral Traditions” (North Atlantic Books, 2010)