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In Search of Ghosts – Lower Fort Garry – Episode 179

An Episode so nice……we had to split it into 2 Episodes…Here is the conclusion to when we sent out Theressa to take a ‘Ghost Walk’ Tour at Lower Fort Garry last October, leading up to Halloween. We thank her from the bottom of our haunted hearts for taking the tour and recording it on her phone.

The night did not disappoint! They took participants aorund the Fort and told stories of known spirits and hauntings that have happened at Lower Fort Garry over the years. This included the tale of the lady in Purple and a rendition of the Thomas Slack Ghost – very cool and traditional Lower Fort Garry Ghost Story. 

Listen at At ‘5:38’ Minute Mark, you can hear faint noise as everyone is shuffling from one froom to another and sounds like ‘ Nurse woulnd’t do that or First one to do that’
At ’17:34′ you can hear a litle kid laughing or crying abruptly then stops. This was out side the warehouse building, however i can assure you there were no little kids on the tour as this one sounded to be a toddler
At ’23:14′ while in the former jail you can clearly hear ‘Thief’ ….what do you hear? 

Jas and Sher, Your Audio Curators will be back soon with some more terrifying Winnipeg and Manitoba Ghost Stories……including Ramblesodes!!! (we love our quirky little scary weird stories from around the world) 

Turn off the lights and listen to these stories in the dark…..we dare you…double dog dare you cause…….WAIT….TILL YOU HEAR THESE TRUE GHOST STORIES!

***Come out to the Mediums, Mystics and Mindfulness Market, wihich will be at the 4-Crown Convention Center on McPhillips St, March 23 & 24, 2024 – 12 to 7 pm, and stop by say ‘Hi’ and Share your Ghost stories with Jas & Sher!!!

If you have a local paranormal story of Winnipeg or in Manitoba, please email us at giivinguptheghostpodcast.@gmail.com – or if you just want to say ‘Hi’!!!

As well……HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT this Saturday, March 23, 2024 watch for our FB page. 

Music by Ruesche-Sounds https://www.youtube.com/channel/USqXO

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