Imminent Imperils: World Wars and Wandering UFOs | Case File 299

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2025, a world teetering on the brink of geopolitical collapse. As nations flex their military muscles and tensions simmer just beneath the surface, another, more enigmatic presence casts its shadow across Earth’s fragile peace: Unidentified Flying Objects. Sightings multiply, with crafts of unknown origin piercing the skies, leaving defense systems confounded and intelligence agencies scrambling.Are these aerial anomalies mere distractions from the dire diplomatic dynamics, or harbingers of a different kind of confrontation—one not between countries, but civilizations? Could these mysterious visitors hold the key to our planet’s salvation, or might they be spectators to our own self-destruction?This case file, join the Theorists as they navigate the nexus of nuclear nerves and nebulous night-fliers, seeking to uncover the unsettling union of… Imminent Imperils: World Wars and Wandering UFOs

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