Ian Huntley

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On this episode we talk about one of the most tragic and seemingly preventable crimes to rock the UK in the past 30 years; a short lived but unbelievable mystery of a killer who tried to famously help police and, through media interviews, cemented his own undoing; this time we are talking about Ian Huntley.

Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman; two young girls from Soham in East Cambridgeshire, England were abducted and murdered by Huntley and he then brazenly went on to try to help to solve the case. He and his girlfriend willingly gave interviews to the press and were very forthcoming with advice and musings on what may have happened to the girls.

In the time the authorities were still searching for their killer, the relentlessly reported search for their bodies, indelibly etched images of sniffer dogs, line of police searching through countryside fields and those two infamous Man Utd football jerseys, on the minds of everyone old enough to know what was going on.

Radio presenter Keith Ward joins me on this episode and we catch up on the good times I spent being a guest on his FM104 PhoneShow back in the day 🙂 We also get deep on this one about what its like to try to stand up to someone being publicly suspicious around kids and why on earth the authorities didnt do something about Ian Huntley when the alarm bells were ringing and they had the chance.


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