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Have you ever walked into a building and immediately became overwhelmed by… a weird feeling? And you couldn’t really pinpoint why? You just knew something felt…off. Because mainstream representations of the paranormal are dramatized and sensationalized, people think that these experiences need to be BIG and SCARY in order to be real. But sometimes – maybe, most of the time – it’s subtle. Sometimes you dont find a reason. Sometimes it’s just…weird vibes.
So for today’s episode, i’ll be sharing true stories from real people who also got strange inexplicable vibes somewhere.
First, I tell the tale of a teenager whose childhood home had a room they all avoided. Next, I narrate the account of a photographer who was taking photos in a bungalow with a dark past. Then, I share the story of siblings who explored the abandoned house next door. And finally, I recount the time a young woman connected with something in an old museum. 

Ch 1: The room we avoided, submitted by Katie
Ch 2: The AirBnB bungalow, submitted by Calvin
Ch 3: The abandoned house next door, submitted by Xavier
Ch 4: Ice cold hands, submitted by Anonymous