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Muahahaha, weirdos!

Welcome to our first reunion episode!  This week Lauren and Ashley are joined by Matt Roberts (Episode 12: EMP: Electronic Matt Phenomena) James Heisner (Episode 16: 90’s Spooktacular, Spectacular) and Laura Lareau (Episode 64: You Got a Little Buddha in Ya) and we are chatting about HORROR MOVIES. 

We decided to each pick a horror flick that we hold near and dear to our heart and tell you some of the crazy things that went into making that film!  Did Tony Todd ever get stung on the set of Candyman?  How much did that cheap Halloween mask cost?  WHAT attacked Sam Raimi when he was making Evil Dead?!  Learn about Stephen King and Stanley Kubrik and what they had to say about each other’s work on The Shining and find out exactly what inspired Ti West to write and direct The Innkeepers.

There are MINOR spoilers in this episode– we tried really hard to stray away from any major spoilers just in case you were holding out a couple more years to watch the movies that came out in the 70’s.  

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