Humanity in 100 years (w/ Stuff They Don’t Want You To Know) | 129

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Interstellar travel, rewriting human genetics, body hacking, limitless clean energy…is this our future? What will humanity look like in 100 years (assuming the Yellowstone Caldera doesn’t take us all out)? If technology continues to progress anywhere near the pace of the last few decades, not only will we have people on Mars, we’ll be in the middle of terraforming it. Or, will our future have a distinctly dystopian pallor? We take a look ahead this week with Ben Bowlin and Matt Frederick from the OG conspiracy podcast, Stuff They Don’t Want You To Know. Plus, could the future of humanity hinge on this very podcast? (no) Conspiracy Bot has the fix for quantum computers (defrag). And we all have some “tea, Earl Grey, hot”. All of that and more on the podcast that is hopeful for the future of humanity (poorly conceived and built robots on the other hand, we aren’t so sure) – Hysteria 51.

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