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Grab your bamboo sticks, weirdos!

It’s time for another episode for the LADIES!  This is part two of our WOMEN IN HISTORY series where we cover stories about women that we didn’t hear about in our history or social studies courses that PROBABLY should have been covered.

Joined once again by Miss Patreon herself- Amy Hanselmann- this week Lauren is starting us off with some FEMALE VIGILANTES!  It’s not often that you see women taking revenge on a large scale such as this and why we had never heard of these bad bitches is beyond me.  First up is Diana the Bus Driver Hunter out of Juarez Mexico and yes you did hear that right.  Sick and tired of all of the attacks on women in her city she took it upon herself to fight back in the deadliest way and made men on public transportation think twice about putting their hands on a woman. 

And we learn about the Gulabi Gang out of Northern India; a fierce group of women wearing HOT HOT PINK saris and carrying bamboo sticks (they hurt worse than they sound, just ask Ashley) to hunt down men who have participated in domestic abuse, child marriages, and ensuring that women and children’s human rights are protected and provided.

And Ashley brings us home with the incredible story of Mileva Maric, a Serbian physicist and mathematician who you’ve never heard of– but you’ve ABSOLUTELY heard of her work.  She was the first wife, and truly the other half, of Albert Einstein. She turned in the papers.. but why was it only her husband’s name written at the top?