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Hi Weirdos!! 

Welcome to another edition of LISTENER GHOST STORIES!  The spookiest episodes in town!

Listener Ghost Stories/Strange Tales/Real Life Spooky Stories are the episodes in which Lauren and Ashley read real life stories SENT IN BY YOU! 

This week we run the gamut of emotions; we get scared, our hearts swell up, we get nervous, and yes… we even cry.

From the grandpas we miss dearly to the intruders in our homes.  From the most unique place to see a ghost to the places that make you say “Duh, this place is obvi haunted.” From the soldiers in Vietnam to truckers on the highway; this episode truly has it all.

So tuck those toesies under the blanket so the monster can’t chew them off and prepare to get scared.


WARNING: Listener Ghost Stories episodes include sound effects and music.  Sometimes they can be jarring.