Haunted Montana – Ghosts and Strange Phenomena of the Treasure State with Ednor Therriault. This is My Alien Life!!

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Tonight Ednor Therriault and I talk about a place we love.  MONTANA…

After living all over the U.S. before bouncing around the Pacific Northwest for 15 years, Ednor settled in Missoula in 1993. It was a perfect fit. His Montana roots run deep: his father was born in the tiny gold-mining settlement of Southern Cross, and his great-great-grandparents homesteaded along Douglas Creek in western Montana in the late 1800’s.

Journalism and graphic design were Ednor’s disciplines in college, and he enjoys a fulfilling freelance career creating music, writing books and articles, and doing design work. He spent his Kerouac-inspired salad days in Seattle before moving to Missoula. Within six months of arriving in Montana’s cultural and creative hub, Ednor was playing in a band and had met the woman he would eventually marry. Two years later he assumed the nom de guerre Bob Wire and formed the legendary country rock band Bob Wire and the Fencemenders. Then band had a rollicking live show, and were voted Best Local Band twice by the Missoula Independent. Their fans are legion. Having embraced the larger-than-life Bob Wire persona, Ednor was voted Missoula’s entertainer of the year in 2007.

Ednor is a naturally curious writer with a quirky sense of humor, and likes examining life on the fringes, bringing light to subjects that aren’t covered much in the mainstream. This made him a perfect fit to write his first book, “Montana Curiosities,” which was released in 2010 on Globe Pequot Press. The second edition was published in 2016, and the title has become the biggest selling installment in the “Curiosities” series. He has since written “Myths and Legends of Yellowstone,” released in 2018, and “Seven Montanas,” scheduled for publication in late 2019. Currently, he’s at work on “Haunted Montana” and a revision of “Montana Off the Beaten Path.”

Ednor’s writing has appeared in the Missoulian, Montana Magazine, Missoula Lifestyle and Distinctly Montana, and the late, lamented Missoula Independent. He also writes a twice-yearly humor column for Mountain Outlaw magazine, typically featuring his inept attempts at enjoying Montana’s outdoor lifestyle. Ednor’s first novel, a rock and roll crime story, is being readied for publication.

Ednor lives with his wife Shannon in Missoula, and they have two adult children, Sophia and Hudson.

www.ednor.com, www.makeitmissoula.com, www.BobWireHasaPoint.com, www.BobWireMusic.net


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