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In the city of Jacksonville, North Carolina, lies a military base with a dark and spooky past. Camp Lejeune, established in 1941, has witnessed more than just military maneuvers and drills. Beneath the vile of disinclined routines and military procedures it seems to have opened a shadowy realm where the veil between this world and the next rolls thin.

In this episode we dive into a multitude of different encounters including some of our own. Prior to this episode we read over 3,000 encounter stories which covered a wide and various span of paranormal encounters. One of the most prevalent stories revolves around experiencing what is believed to be the Wendigo. Deep within the forests of Camp Lejeune, soldiers have reported hearing weird cries that echo through the night. Sightings of gnomes have also been reported. Finally we dive into the strange lights that are associated with the gnomes and our own encounter with strange light dancing across the New River’s surface.

And finally, we discuss the phantom watchman. Past soldiers, and spirits. Silhouettes that glide silently among the living. And to conclude we discuss our own theories as well as what could possibly be providing a source for all this paranormal activity and we try to finally answer what happened on the land before the base?

In this spine-tingling episode, we delve deeper into the mysteries that continue to encompass Camp Lejeune. Tune in as we unravel the threads connecting military history, folklore, and the supernatural. Remember, some secrets are best left hidden—but we’re determined to bring them to light.

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Next week, join usas we share stories of Camp Lejeune, firsthand paranormal encounters that defy explanation. Join us as we unravel the crazy stories of this haunted base, where marines and their families have walked the thin line between duty and the supernatural..

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