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Lori Hines is an author and psychic medium and has presented workshops at conferences, libraries, and colleges, including the International UFO Festival in Roswell, NM. Lori has been a vendor at metaphysical events selling books and providing spiritual/past life readings. Her psychic medium abilities blossomed by writing and have developed over the past fifteen years. She is involved in psychic archaeology and works with Tom Foster at the Bullion Plaza Cultural Center in Miami, Az.
Lori is also a volunteer in the FindMeGroup, which includes a group of psychic mediums who use their abilities to help locate missing people and solve cold cases. Her mystery novels involve Native American history and culture, archaeology, the paranormal/supernatural, history of the Southwestern U.S., and the spiritual/metaphysical.
The Ancient Ones series was the first books published and include three paranormal mystery novels:
1. The Ancient Ones, first in the series set at Vulture City Ghost Town and the Triangle T Ranchnear Tombstone, Arizona.
2. Caves of the Watchers, honorable mention in the 2013 Great Southwest Book Festival.
3. Whispers Among the Ruins—set in the Four Corners; it is a 2016 Book Excellence Award Winner in the Multi-Cultural Fiction category.
Visions of Time, published through Written Dreams Publishing, is an International Book Award Finalist in the New Age category and received an honorable mention in the 2021 New York Book Festival for the Spiritual/Religious category.
Learn more about Lori, her novels, and her services at http://lhauthor.wordpress.com. Or find her on facebook: Lori Hines, Author, Intuitive & Speaker.
Lori Hines, Author & Psychic Medium
The Ancient Ones
Caves of the Watchers
Whispers Among the Ruins
Visions of Time