Happy 100th Episode to Spirit School (Answering your questions!)

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Here we are! 100 Episodes into the Spirit School Journey! 

In this episode, I share the history of the Spirit School Podcast, and answer your questions (highlighted below). The Initiation: 6-Week Mediumship Foundations Journey starts January 22nd! Seats go on sale on Jan 1st! Join the waitlist to get first dibs on the seats here! 


Questions I answer: 

– what was your favorite interview

– how do you know if you should pursue mediumship?

– speak to law of attraction and manifesting

– your most meaningful spiritual experience

– lessons and wisdom learned from my own soul

– how to stay radiant 

– favorite part of the job

– advice for newbies

– comfort and love the restless dead without opening to negativity

I loved discussing these topics! 

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Here’s to 100 more podcasts and beyond.