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Cryptids’ Alexander V. Thompson and Marianna McClellan partner with other paranormal podcasts for a variety show full of spooky stories, conspiracy theories, and paranormal phenomena.


Joining us on this episode are the following podcasts: Prairieland Paranormal, Sinister SuiteHearts, ParaUnity, Monster Legend Podcast, Walking in the Shadowlands, Stories of Strangeness, Paranormal Podcasts We Listen To, The Matrix Has You, The Great American Urban Legend Podcast, and The Spooky Tales Podcast.


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Performances by Alexander V. Thompson and Marianna McClellan. Directed by Devin Shepherd. Produced by Devin Shepherd, Gabriel Rosenstein, and Nora Unkel. Music by Mary Esther Carter and Nathan Prillaman (https://www.nathanprillaman.com/). Original cover art by Dave Abel.  A production of Wild Obscura. This podcast was supported by the Made in NY Media Center through the IFP Fellowship. 

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