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On this guest episode we had the immense pleasure of interviewing frequent guest and good friend of the podcast, Chaz Of The Dead. Chaz is back on to discuss and talk about his newest book currently out now as well as tell the story of the Benz Castle which is the focal point of his newest project! You’ll hear the incredible backstory as well as some theories that have arisen about the sphere and about the Benz Castle itself.

Where to find Chaz Of The Dead?

Want to stay up to date with everything Chaz is doing…make sure to check him out on social media

Instagram: @chazofthedead

Tik Tok: @chazofthedead

Facebook: Chaz Of The Dead

YouTube: Chaz Of The Dead

Make sure to check out his Instagram bio for direct links! You can find the link to his new book, Save The Benz House Petition, his patreon, and direct links to all his social media.

Link To Chaz’s Newest Book: A Place Between Time And Space: A True Story about Ghosts, UFOs, and Florida’s Strangest Home

Link To Sign The Save The Benz House Petition Put On By Chaz


We’ll Catch You Weirdos In The Next One..

What’s coming next? : An episode all about the Astral Plane! Catch it next week!

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