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Hi Weirdos!

Welcome to our very first mental health episode!  We’ve always wanted to dive into psychology & mental health and our hilarious guest, stand up comedian Justin Foster was itching to discuss sociopaths so we jumped at the opportunity to discuss PERSONALITY DISORDERS!

This is an episode we’ve always been interested in, but extra cautious to record. There are a lot of stigmas involved in mental disorders and chatting about them on a show dedicated to all things “weird” was something we had to be very cognizant of.  The three of us all have experiences with psychological disorders and it was really special to be able to sit down and discuss them, alongside personality disorders this week!

In part one we are talking about Schizotypal personality disorder (STPD) and Paranoid personality disorder (PPD.) The history of the disorder, the symptoms, the treatments, and even some cases where the disorder took over and things went a little too far.

Next week Justin will be telling us about sociopaths and Lauren will be getting into the controversial topic of Dissociative Disorder (multiple personalities.)


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