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Hi Weirdos, welcome to one of my favorite episodes of all time.  One: It’s so much fun.  Two: It’s all about the LADIES!! 

This is definitely going to be a new thing for the show- talking about PEOPLE throughout history that did incredible, amazing, badass things and yet… you’ve probably never heard of them. 

This week Lauren is starting us off with Fe Del Mundo; the cutest filipino woman of all time who is the founder of the very first pediatric hospital in the Philippines.  A pioneer of medicine and the first female president of the Philippine Pediatric society– Fe… freaking… rules.

And SURPRISE GUEST and cheerleader for strong women everywhere Amy Hanselmann is teaching us about Claudette Colvin.  Now a retired nurses aide; once a 15 year old girl who was arrested because she refused to give up her seat to a white woman on a segregated bus…. 9 months before Rosa Parks protested in the exact same way.  So why don’t you know her name?  

Warning: This episode contains foul language, depictions of racism, and mention of rape.

There is also some discussion that could be considered “political” in nature regarding gender and race.