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Gimli Psychic Fair aka We Meet Gavin – Episode 160

Back to Gimli for the Medium, Mystic and Mindfulness event with our lovely co-hosts Kelly and Ashley from the Winnipeg Paranormal Group.

Part 2 did not disappoint as we met GUTG’s biggest fan!!! Gavin from Ile Des Chene with his lovely wife Jackie stopped by to say ‘Hi’. He was a tad disappointed he didn’t get to meet Sher…..next time Gavin, next time for sure! They even shared a few breif stories with us about a former house in Winnipeg that he expreienced black shadow mist and a pot levitating. Apparently their current home is haunted, so The Winnipeg Paranormal Group will have another locationt to assist with.
**We apologize for the loud background noise as it was a busy place**

A HUGE Shout out to Amy Potten, the organizer, who is also a Medium herself, for having us out.
In saying that – She has planned another Psychic Fair happening October 29, 2023 but this time in Winnipeg at the Four Crowns Restaurant & Bar (formerly the Continnental Hotel) on McPhillps St. If you missed your opportunity in Gimli, now is your chance to come out and see what your future…..or maybe your past, holds in store for you!
Aslo please stop by and say ‘Hi’ to Jas & Sher, and maybe share a ghoststory or 2 and buy a t-shirt.

Enjoy this week’s new episode!

If you have a local paranormal story of Winnipeg or in Manitoba, please email us at giivinguptheghostpodcast.@gmail.com – or if you just want to say ‘Hi’!!!

Music by Ruesche-Sounds https://www.youtube.com/channel/USqXO

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