Georgia Guide Stones: Modern Day Mystery | 105

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We don’t often think of mysterious relics as something from our current era. Unexplained monolithic structures with debated meaning and even less certain purpose don’t just pop-up in small town America. But they did. There is a set of modern day relics right in front of our noses. Not hidden away is a long abandoned cave, no. Out there for everyone to see in a cow pasture in northeast Georgia. The Georgia Guidestones are modern day relic – offering advice, and some would say hope, to future generations. Other read them in a much darker and foreboding light. Not advice on how to make humanity better, but doctrine with only the most perverse intentions. Who really built the Guidestones? What is their true purpose? And how are aliens involved. We offer GUIDANCE this week. Plus, we’re all shocked to learn Conspiracy Bot is a big fan of Thanos (no one was shocked), C-Bot then explains why he ISN’T an alcoholic (he is), and Pecker somehow ties Infinity War to the Simpsons (not well). All of that and more on the podcast that already knows who built the Georgia Guidestones and his name is Thanos – Hysteria 51.

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