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Ca-caw, Weirdos!

Welcome to part two of our WEIRD NATURE episode!  The first of many, I’m sure.  Nature is WILD, y’all.  

Ashley & Lauren are joined once again by talented set designer Madelyn Wilkime and this week we’re chatting about the endlessly strange ANIMAL KINGDOM!

From freak parasites to warring frogs, from talented birds to a rodent with a sea monster’s face, and from disappearing bugs to a white-trash presidential pet. 

Sometimes the weirdest things we talk about can be found in our own backyards!  Most of the time we hope that we can’t find them there.


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This week’s episode is dedicated to a Los Angeles nonprofit called A Purposeful Rescue (@apurposefulrescue) that saves good pups from kill shelters in the LA area.  We’ll be donating 50% of our January patreon earnings to this non-profit! (www.patreon.com/keepitweirdpodcast)