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Consequences, ok?  This episode is all about consequences.

Hi Weirdos! Welcome to another HELTER SKELTER- the episodes with no theme or topic in sight.  This was SUPPOSED to be a paranormal investigation but SOMEBODY didn’t show up. (The ghosts.  The ghosts didn’t show up)

In our Helter Skelter episodes we each bring a handful of strange things/happenings/and goings on in the world to scream, cry and laugh about.

This week Ashley is bringing a few short clips from the paranormal investigation episode that never was, a brand new conspiracy theory and a handful of TV, Movie and documentary recommendations for fellow weird lovers.

Lauren is bringing us a story about an animal attack that actually may shed some light on a very famous true crime case and a new PSA from our lovely friends at the National Park Services.  

So sit back, relax and put your strange shoes on because we’re heading out into the weird wide world!