Forbidden Knowledge News discusses conspiracies, the deep state, Covid, government control, Qanon

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August 13

Chis is an independent researcher, journalist, and talk show host. He has a degree in digital media, and was an editor at his local television station for 2 years.

Chris always questioned the nature of reality since childhood and always has a sense that our reality is much different than we are taught in school. In 2014 he felt compelled to share the information he was learning, so he created a Facebook page that gained a large audience in a short amount of time. In December of 2018, he createdForbiddenKnowledgeNewson YouTube and started sending emails to his favorite researchers to began conducting interviews. He later started the podcast with broadcasts on all popular podcast platforms. He is also the creator of TheForbiddenKnowledgeNewsSocial Media Network which is a censorship free social media platform and premium video site which features presentations, documentaries, interviews, and original series.ForbiddenKnowledgeNewsalso broadcasts live every Sunday on The Global Enlightenment Radio Network. I now have an extraordinary network of the most amazing researchers, authors, scientists, experiencers, and whistleblowers. My goal is to share as much information as possible about our extraordinary existence and the world behind ours.