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On this week’s episode we are examining the glorious, haunted houses of the Flavel family. One haunted by spirits and the other haunted by the last generation of the family, one member of which became known as Hatchet Harry. This is the story of family secrets and a mystery that endured for decades. There’s a lot of twists and turns in this one.

So lets get into shall we? Grab yourself a cup of tea, make sure the doors are locked, and the hatchet is close by. I have a story to tell you.

This week we are moving out of Portland and up the coast to Astoria, Oregon, a sleepy little town directly on the Columbia River that has the cutest population of very loud sea lions. It’s tucked up in a valley that leads right down to the waterfront where you can watch big freighter ships and little lead boats going up and down. As we drove into town we hit a pretty crazy rainstorm that apparently flooded out a lot of places in town but otherwise it was very calm, off and on sunny and then foggy. It was kinda hard to believe that we were right in the midst of the Graveyard of the Pacific. According to the Columbia River Maritime Museum, “Since 1792 approximately 2000 vessels, including over 200 large ships, have sunk at the Columbia River Bar.  More than 700 people have lost their lives to the sea. Mariners agree that the combination of high seas, a mighty river, land shallow, and shifting sand bars make the Columbia River bar one of the most dangerous bar crossings in the world.”  Considering the stories from the museum I don’t want to see it at it’s worse. That’s kinda the backdrop to this week’s stories.


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Haunted Astoria by Jefferson Davis