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The podcast returns to the topic of flat Earth, and Cian is joined once again by Dr Edward Guimont from snowy New York to cover the history of who exactly believed the earth was flat, when did they believe it, and why did they believe it? A litany of topics are covered in this wide-ranging episode, including:

-the infamous Bedford Level experiment naturalist with Alfred Russell Wallace

-Flat earth belief within Christianity in the 19th century

-Flat Earth belief in Islam, including Boko Haram

-Connections to Qanon and creationism

-Flat Earth, Kruger, and the Boers

-Ronald Reagan’s UFO fixation

-Christopher Columbus as a ‘proto-Protestant’, Washington Irving, and bad history

-The need for pre-Columbian contact and historical revisionism

-Geocentrist belief in China

-The myth of flat Earth belief in the Middle Ages


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