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Episode 90: The Flannel Men (and women!) come back to Strange Familiars. Timothy and Alison present a hint that there could be something supernatural to buffalo plaid itself. We read stories of Flannel Man from listeners; another story connecting Flannel Man to black dogs; Flannel Man stepping out of dreams and into bedrooms; and suggestions that these plaid-clad entities are far more than just ghosts – sometimes even harbingers of death or perhaps even the Grim Reaper himself. We also talk to several Flannel Man witnesses: including Kristina who was given a precognitive dream of a shooting event after seeing Flannel Man; Luke, who saw a series of strange symbols followed by a Flannel Man; Doug who saw a Flannel-wearing woman in his haunted apartment; and Felix who had multiple Flannel Man sightings of her own. 

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The cover art for this episode is by Johnny Decker Miller (we will be talking with Johnny on an upcoming episode!). 
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The symbols Luke drew from his dream:



Timothy’s “mothman” signature emblem:


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