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Gene and cohost Tim Swartz welcome back Hercules Invictus. A Lemnian Greek, he’s a proud descendant of Argonauts and Amazons. He is openly Olympian in his spirituality and worldview, dedicated to living the Mythic Life and has been exploring the fringes of our reality throughout his entire earthly sojourn. In this episode, Hercules pontificates about folklore, about the possibility that beings from other planets were active in so-called Biblical times. That is, unless an ancient civilization, such as Atlantis, was the home for a race of advanced beings. For over four decades he has been sharing his Olympian Odyssey with others. Hercules also recruits Argonauts and Heraklidae to help him usher in a new Age of Heroes. In the paranormal realm, Hercules currently produces and hosts several podcasts, a YouTube channel. He has also written numerous articles these subjects, and is an active author who has published two e-books on Kindle and contributed to over twenty paranormal anthologies. Hercules frequently conducts Olympian Workshops and serves as a guest speaker on multiple platforms.