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Poor public understanding of science is leading to an overall dumbing-down of decision-making around the world; environmental, political, and otherwise. So Cian leaves the cabin to visit ecologist Neil Philips in the woods to find out how sensationalist ‘journalism’ and fake news is affecting wildlife in the UK and abroad. Is hunting good for conservation? Are seagulls and foxes a menace to society? Why do we insist on demonising any and all non-domestic animals?

Cian and Neil investigate various recent wildlife-related media scandals including the work of Brian Ford, whose pseudoscience about dinosaurs has blown up yet again in the Twittersphere with the release of the 2ndedition of his book rehashing 19th-century ideas and presenting them as a brave new theory. We get angry, we get reighteous, and damn if it isn’t time for someone to call BS on this stuff before it’s too late! Neil is just the man to speak about these issues as he’s not afraid to roll up his sleeves and get into the trenches, using data and peer-reviewed research whenever possible to combat pseudoscience online.

It’s only a short leap between bad biology and the disasters of the 20th century folks, so get stuck in and listen to FAKE NEWS IN SCIENCE while it’s only in the headlines and not yet in your face …


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