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In the first part of Music of the plants, my guest Gary Cook answered a question a member of my Walking the Shadowlands Facebook group had for him about the Patupaiarehe, (the New Zealand fairy folk), from his previous appearance on the podcast. Then he took us on a gentle stroll, talking about the wonderful world of the plants, and trees around us.

He talked about ‘Tree Blindness’, what that is, and how the term came about. He talked about tree energies and how they worked together, to both support each other, and humanity as a whole. We also had snippets of beautiful, and sort of haunting music a tangelo tree, and a pounamu or New Zealand greenstone, created. Yes, you heard that correctly. That they created. . . .

In this episode we conclude our discussion with Gary explaining about music of the plants. How this music is obtained from them, and how the specific electrical technology came about, to be able to do so. He also shares snippets of music created by these plants and shows an example of how they respond to music being played to them, but creating matching harmonies.

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