Experience 433 – Exorcisms & Demonic Foes with Dr. Richard Gallagher

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A life dedicated to helping those who can no longer help themselves because of powers far greater than the material world is one way to describe the unlikliest of callings for Dr. Richard Gallagher. As of this interview, Dr. Gallagher estimates he has attended over 200 exorcisms and helped far more people who may or may not have been sufferening some kind of diabolical attack or intrusion. At the heart of his work, helping people is what drives him and has driven him from the begining. Our talk is incredible and it truly was an honor and very enlightening to speak with someone who has seen the darkest side of this world and the next. You can buy his book Demonic Foes anywhere books are sold, but here is a link to get there:

Richard Gallagher, MD, a board-certified psychiatrist, is a professor of psychiatry at New York Medical and a psychoanalyst on the faculty of Columbia University. He graduated from Princeton University, Phi Beta Kappa in classics, and trained as a resident in psychiatry at Yale University School of Medicine. The world’s foremost scientific expert on the subject of diabolic attacks, he has been an active member of the International Association of Exorcists since the 1990s.

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