Experience 427 – Near Death Experiences & The Implications of Energy Events with Mario Creston

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***This is the correct version – there was a recording failure of Mario’s mic during recording but we had backup recording from iphone that I added into the ep so you can hear if you’re wondering why at times the audio seems to be different – Sorry! Love you! Hope you enjoy!***

Mario Creston returns to the show for a wild one – I’m calling it the “Saucy Daddy Party Ep” because as you can tell by listening, it doesn’t take much for me to get a bit loopy when it comes to some screwdrivers, long travel days and even longer nights. We get into the topic of Near Death Experiences and discuss the implications of what energy events they may cause and if there are ripple effects from them. To my knowledge, I’ve never considered this before and it is a fascinating topic to ponder. I hope you enjoy the cut-loose nature of the chat this week and the topics covered as much as we obviously did.

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