Experience 375 – Sarah Goff, Shamanic Healing & Back From the Afterlife

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The wonderful and incredible Sarah Goff joins me (finally)! If you listen to this show then you already know how grateful I am for the small amount of work I’ve been able to do with her. She talks with about her journey back from the dead and what it means to understand what you’ve been called to do. We cover all kinds of topics and the conversation flows from her own experience to how she goes about her journey to continue to learn and grow. We often forget that our favorite people and healers are just people, too, but this is a great chance to sit down and chat about life. More about Sarah here: https://www.soulrollinglove.com/

You can find more information about the UK retreat she’ll be conducting with Angela Lovell here: https://www.wetravel.com/profiles/angela-lovell-d55c8465-f0fe-4084-be7d-723954e39f22

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