Expanded Perspectives Elite – Move to Patreon

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Greetings everyone,

We would like to take a moment to provide some insights into the current status of Expanded Perspectives Elite. Firstly, a heartfelt thank you to our Elite members for their unwavering support. While we offer Expanded Perspectives for free listening, the production itself comes with significant costs, and your support has been invaluable. We initiated Expanded Perspectives nearly 11 years ago, and Expanded Perspective Elite came into existence almost 9 years ago. The podcasting landscape has undergone substantial changes since then, evolving from a novel concept to a platform with millions of shows worldwide. Nine years ago, finding services to conceal exclusive RSS feeds for paying members was a challenge. Though options like WishList Member, MemberMouse, and Patreon existed, they were not as refined as they are today.

Initially, we chose WishList Member based on positive feedback from fellow podcasters. While it served its purpose reasonably well initially, over time, the platform deteriorated. Issues such as missing episodes, loading problems, and cumbersome sign-up processes became apparent. Recognizing these challenges, and with the platform nearly broken in the last 24 months, we decided to transition to Patreon. Our Patreon page is now live at patreon.com/expandedperspectiveselite, or you can find us on the Patreon app. For existing Expanded Perspectives Elite members, you should have access to the entire back catalog, but we recommend downloading it soon as it will be taken down at some point. If you’re not an Elite member but wish to be, visit our Patreon page and sign up for $5 a month to access the complete back catalog (note that this offer will change in the next month).

Looking ahead, Expanded Perspectives Elite will have two tiers. Tier #1, priced at $5 a month, provides access to all Elite shows from 2022 to the present, including new episodes released every Friday. Tier #2, at $10 a month, offers all new episodes, the entire back catalog, and ad-free versions of the Regular Show every Wednesday. If you enjoy Expanded Perspectives and want to support the show, joining Elite is a fantastic way to do so. Your monthly donation goes towards covering expenses like data storage, editing software, music, sound effects, recording equipment, and research materials. Some episodes are still being added to our Patreon, and we appreciate your patience during this transition. We hope to see you all on Patreon soon. Thank you for your time, and God Bless.

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