Expanded Perspectives Classic Rewind: The Rock Apes of Vietnam/Out of Place Artifacts

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On this episode of Expanded Perspectives Classic Rewind, we’re going all the way back to November 11th, 2013 when Cam and Kyle talked about the Rock Apes of Vietnam as well as 4 out of place objects! Now almost everyone knows what Bigfoot is or Sasquatch, not nearly as many people know about the BAtutut or Rock Ape. sightings of these mysterious creatures by American troops in the jungles of Vietnam throughout the course of the Vietnam War were surprisingly numerous, with many witnesses giving extremely detailed accounts of sightings. One particular hill in Vietnam was the site of so many rock ape sightings that it became known as Monkey Mountain. While no corpses of these strange creatures were ever recovered, or any clear pictures taken of them, the fact that sightings of them were so widespread and common throughout the war makes them worthy at least of a conversation.  Then we talk about Some out-of-place objects like the Coso Artifact, The Aluminum Wedge of Aiud, The Antikythera Device, and the London Hammer.

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